Classical Violin Concerts in
Scenic Locations for Intimate Audiences

Green Dot Journey

September 2014 marks the beginning of the North American leg of Vanessa’s transnational exploration of the beautiful and scenic roads of the world. Join the journey by following the map and blog, attending an art gallery concert, or hosting a house concert.

About Vanessa

One of the strongest and most striking new talents emerging from the Classical Music world, Vanessa’s playing defies genres, bringing breathtaking new depth and texture to the musical and cultural landscapes. Click here to read more about Vanessa.


Exciting, bold, and innovative, Vanessa’s performances transcend both time and space, pushing the envelope of classical music performance through the use of multimedia, art gallery exhibits, scenic nature, and violin improvisation. Click here for more information.

Recent Updates

Green Dot Video

Filmed by Christi Nelson. “Simple Gifts” arrangement by Jeff DePaoli.